PFA Film Festival Founders (Left to Right) Lucia, Carly, Ella, Shannon, Charlotte

Welcome to the PFA Film Festival website!

All five of us film festival founders – Lucia, Carly, Ella, Shannon, Charlotte – are now in high school.

However, all five of us went through the Pencils for Africa (PFA) middle school program, in which we interacted with people all over the African continent, through email interviews, Skype calls, and guest speakers from Africa visiting our school. We learned so much about people in Africa during these middle school years of participating in the weekly PFA meetings. We also learned how much we had to learn:

How varied are the cultures and customs of those living in 54 countries, on the African continent.

How powerful storytelling is, and how stories help people to build understanding and community.

How many stories of African lives we learned, and how much we all still have to learn about Africa.

How initiative and action matters, which is why the five of us co-authored a book: What is Smart?

We founded PFA Film Festival for the same reason we authored a book: Storytelling and Community.

We wanted to hear and see and celebrate stories of the African continent within our own community.

We screened our first PFA Film Festival on May 21st, 2015, for PFA students, parents and community.

We screened a documentary by the filmmaker Ann Bromberg called “Mbeti: The Road to Kesisini”.

We viewed several Africa-focused films since, including “On The Way To School” and “A Good Lie”.

We viewed the film “A Small Act”, and then Shannon interviewed the filmmaker, Jennifer Arnold.

We recently viewed “We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World”.

Our next featured film in our 2018 PFA Film Festival will be the film Liyana by Mr. and Mrs. Kopp.

We hope you enjoy these Africa-focused films as much as we have enjoyed and learned from them.

We hope to see you at our next PFA Film Festival event, and welcome you and meet you in person!

— Lucia, Carly, Ella, Shannon and Charlotte